renaissance guy

so stash it
in your satchel stuffed
with trades that you’re far more than jack of
writer? brother, you’re the guy
who makes the clever dialog
sound just like crazy
random happenstance
and come on man
there’s not a soul on earth
who’s gonna doubt your chops
behind the camera after that enormous
spectacle (YOU HAD A HULK!)
it’s also known that you produce stuff
(tv super spies and
comic books etc.)
(not just any stuff but stuff
i relish in a needful way)
lyricist? composer? if i’d never
heard the former vengeance demon
sing about her fear of bunnies
i wouldn’t be the man i am today
so poet: joss do people ever
call you that? well, now they do
stick it in your sack because
it fits you, then please give me but
a moment while i pray: o fates
just do whatever hateful things you must
and take my love my life my land but
universe, this is my plea:
you can’t take this guy from me
joss, the fount of artistry