Words of Wisdom from the Catguru

All you need for bliss is a sunbeam and some downtime.

There is no such thing as early breakfast.

Never give up the chase. You won’t know what joy that shiny thing has for you until you catch it.

We are capable of amazing feats…and lamentable clumsiness.

Never disturb someone’s sleep without good reason.

Entropy is an inescapable law of the universe. Embrace it.

All creatures crave affection. But don’t presume.

If you’ve got happy vibes, let everybody hear them.

Aphorisms from the Dog Sage

Love everybody…and protect your pack.

If you really want to understand something, you’ve got to stick your nose right in the middle of it.

Every morning holds the promise of connection, exercise, and breakfast. Greet each one with joy.

Never turn up your nose at nourishment, no matter where it came from.

Sleep is your friend. And a fresh patch of dirt makes an excellent bed.

Always know who’s who in your neighborhood. Stay in touch. Don’t forget to remind them that you live here too.

Every reunion is an occasion for excitement and delight, even if the parting was brief.