i am

i am nothing

my so-called self is no-self
an amassment of unallied neural networks
fractious factions fighting it out in my modular mind
an amorphous heap of skittering skandhas

i search frantically among them
tossing aside
body feelings sensations thoughts consciousness
yet i find no permanent “me”

i am everything

an expression of the unity of this uncanny universe
one with the creative currents that give forth galaxies
united with poplars presidents puppies
yet with gifting that is utterly unique

i hunt for any division between you and me
trying to discern my edge
or yours
yet i find no real separation

i am nothing
i am everything
one with the dust
and the divine
i am whole

One thought on “i am

  1. Elisa says:

    I especially love the alliteration here

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