Cicadas 2021

Cicada on a tree
Sweet seventeen and rising
Look down, it's holey ground
Legions of discarded shells
Marching for the sky, then 
Left, giving trees a new skin
Empty replicas of newly winged
Angels or maybe drunken aliens
With zero time to learn to fly
They've got pressing business
If you know what I mean
Wink wink nudge nudge bug sex
And is it anything to sing about?
Just listen to the choir of millions
As the ladies drop leaves like veils
To add to the carpet of husks
And corpses and living bodies
Leaves coated with the eggs
Whose inhabitants will burrow
Down deep, preparing to return
In the alien invasion of 2038

Early Spring Observations

precocious blossoms appear
gold within violet, reaching
or an exuberant chorus
of little blue faces

a plant with fiery red berries
and yellow-orange leaves
among its greenery
sets the scene ablaze

faithful garden gnomes
still keep watch
looking worn and tired
from the winter

a tiny orange shrub
alone in someone's front lawn
defiantly bestows
its gift of color

a robin fluffs her feathers
on a comfortable branch
while a lady hawk soars above
and cries out

wind makes urgent ripples
on the surface of the stream
amid vibrant green tufts
early adopters of spring

bare sycamore limbs
stark against the ice-blue sky
perform a spare pantomime
of the verdant dance to come

some trees hold on tenaciously
to last year's leaves or blossoms
now turned dark
a reminder of winter’s despair

others are evergreen
reminding us that while
change is nature's rule
there are still steadfast things

A Spontaneous Sonnet in Praise of My Dear Spouse’s Superlative Chili

Huzzah, my mouth in ecstasy explodes
with flavors both ethereal and bold!
My tongue seeks spices here within - there's loads!
This chili, friends, is worth its weight in gold!
The perfect blend of peppers sweet and hot,
the tanginess of red tomato sauce,
some sav'ry veggie sausage in the pot - 
to miss this dish would be...a grievous loss!
And here beside, to make the perfect pair
is cornbread like a luscious golden cake.
It's flaky, mildly sweet, and light as air -
a treat a master chef alone could make!
And now that I have tasted this fine feast,
I could die happy—or well-fed, at least!


A fine mushroom
A fine mushroom
King Rupert the Gnome
In his green, woodsy home
Was the monarch of everything
He would survey

And in his largest room
Was a stately old shroom
That was regal as heck
All his people would say

So King Rupert the Gnome
Sat on his fungal throne
Holding court in the forest
Each beautiful day

Til his seat was recut
In the shape of his butt
But it looked just as fine
In a comfortable way


The Great Gonzo
I'm not a bird
But I look like one
(Not much)
Well close enough
To call a chicken "hon"
(That's weird)
I might be weird
But my life is fun
'Cause I'm a Weirdo!

I came from space
But I'm here to stay
(Oh great)
They call me "Great"
'Cause I'm not OK
(That's clear)
I'll clear the roof
In my daredevil way
'Cause I'm a Weirdo!

I may be weird
But I'm no freak
You're just jealous
Of my handsome beak!

I'm never scared
Of bombs or heights
(No way)
I'll always fight
For chickens' rights
(All day)
My purple fur
Will match my tights
'Cause I'm a Weirdo!
('Cause he's a Weirdo! Yeah!)