The Great Gonzo
I'm not a bird
But I look like one
(Not much)
Well close enough
To call a chicken "hon"
(That's weird)
I might be weird
But my life is fun
'Cause I'm a Weirdo!

I came from space
But I'm here to stay
(Oh great)
They call me "Great"
'Cause I'm not OK
(That's clear)
I'll clear the roof
In my daredevil way
'Cause I'm a Weirdo!

I may be weird
But I'm no freak
You're just jealous
Of my handsome beak!

I'm never scared
Of bombs or heights
(No way)
I'll always fight
For chickens' rights
(All day)
My purple fur
Will match my tights
'Cause I'm a Weirdo!
('Cause he's a Weirdo! Yeah!)

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