A Spontaneous Sonnet in Praise of My Dear Spouse’s Superlative Chili

Huzzah, my mouth in ecstasy explodes
with flavors both ethereal and bold!
My tongue seeks spices here within - there's loads!
This chili, friends, is worth its weight in gold!
The perfect blend of peppers sweet and hot,
the tanginess of red tomato sauce,
some sav'ry veggie sausage in the pot - 
to miss this dish would be...a grievous loss!
And here beside, to make the perfect pair
is cornbread like a luscious golden cake.
It's flaky, mildly sweet, and light as air -
a treat a master chef alone could make!
And now that I have tasted this fine feast,
I could die happy—or well-fed, at least!

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