Day of the Pig

’Tis Wednesday the Thirteenth again
And everyone knows what that means*

Like Friday the Thirteenth is bad
Because back in the day the witches
Would assemble on a Friday night
In groups of twelve (plus Satan)**

Back before enlightened times
On certain Wednesday afternoons
The village patriarchy gathered
Twelve of them – and Priapus***

So to this day good people fear
This moment on the calendar
When men with too much self-regard
Find their pomposity inflated****

Best ignore them for today
Tomorrow, back to normal grief*****



I feel your love
(She said) it’s like
The love of God
And sure

And so my darling
What you’re seeing
On my face…
It isn’t doubt
That your devotion’s
Firm and pure

That’s not the problem
With your love
Nor with God’s
The thing I question
Isn’t adoration’s fact

But rather
Whether someday
This abiding love
Might manifest itself
In some
Objective act


if i told you
that i felt
for your happiness
what would you say?

perhaps you’d try
to hear my words
in a positive light

“he just wants me
to be happy”

but something
might nag you

“he said ‘responsible’
as if he thinks
my happiness
is really up to him”

and it’s not
it really is not

if i’m lucky
i’ll get to toss in
a pebble
or two
to help decorate
the fountain
or your happiness

if i’m really lucky
i’ll get the chance
to add a pebble
or two
each day

but your happiness
does not belong
to me

i am not
entitled to it

and i am not
responsible for it

it is yours

and i am glad
that this is so

The Tots

Back when I was a little child
My mother called them “Tiny Taters”
Which I think is what was written
On the bag (back in the day
Our people often spoke in brands)

And so I grew up with the spuds
The knobbly, oil-soaked little critters
Frequent co-stars on the table
Complementing frozen Steak-Umms
(Trademark Steak-Umm LLC)

I went to school and got my own
Apartment, and I started cooking
For myself and for my wife
Well, my old pals, the “tater tots”
Would show up (every now and then)

But I suppose there came a time
When it occurred to me that they
Had more in common with grenades
Than similarity in form
(I mean they just might blow you up)

So years went by without me eating
Hardly any teeny taters
I can’t say I really missed them
Didn’t even think of them
(Besides, I still ate lots of fries)

But then this hipster moment happened
And the bars I like all started
Serving little deep-fried nuggets
That they simply labeled “tots”
(Exquisite morsels, welcome back!)



i turn and see
my bulldog sitting
in the middle
of the rough-hewn
wooden bridge
i have just crossed

the pleasant sunshine
from his face
this mostly leafless
april afternoon
he sniffs the air

i call his name
but he just sits
and sniffs again
his posture somehow
telling me a tale
of deep contentment

so I return
across the bridge
just walking past him
to the side
i started on
“should we head back?”

but still he sits
and sniffs and smiles
and seems to say
you really haven’t
given this here bridge
an honest shot

and so i shrug
and join him there
between two options
in the middle where
we watch the twigs
float slowly by


and if i walk the way of peace
it could mean death

the death of me is what i mean
and of my friends

but if i walk that way despite
such consequence

with full appreciation of
the risk i take

there is a chance (i do believe)
the world may find

the way of death may yet become
the way of change

and notwithstanding that belief
i’m terrified

because I do not want to die
but i will walk

this way of peace, because i truly
do have faith

regardless of the the chance of death
or injury

it is the one path which might still
remake this world


don’t you dare tell me
i have no purpose
i’ve got a focus
a guiding direction
as searingly brilliant
as keen and unyielding
as a…

…but those things
probably aren’t real

my purpose?
my purpose is to wait
and to survive

the other day
i saw a starship
streaking overhead
it looked…familiar

and for a moment
for just one moment
my hope
which is always with me
my sole possession
my hope felt solid
and real

but it didn’t land
they didn’t come out
or call my name
or take me with them

so today i wait

like every day
i wait
and i survive