adventure time

picture us intrepid as we pierce the hem of suburb-land
we say bye-bye to sodium light and gloom already gathers glowers
trees crowd round like hoodlum bands not menacing but watching
only on the sides so where they’re not well that must be our trail

custard cups in hand we amble onward minding murky forms
as shifting shadows shimmy at the edges of our shaky sight
every now and then the phantoms also feature sound effects
what up wild creature please be wee and not the toothy fatal kind

we’re holding hands not only out of tenderness but to avoid the
slips and trips on toppled trees to fall and fracture something good
the dark congeals around us and it squeezes giggles from our lips
we can’t keep on forever right i mean it’s getting mighty dim

finally a crisis see a cheeky creek will cross our path
ok it’s maybe one inch deep and plus there are these stepping stones
but still it’s dark as triple chocolate ripple hot fudge brownie custard
so we fasten hands again turn tail and take a hike toward home

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