Baltimore Reconsidered

Beneath her brilliant sun
Eight floors above her streets
Baltimore looks different
Than she did ten years ago

When she was nothing
(To me)
But a cold, damp, dirty wrapper
Around a hospital

Where I brought my dear Tina
To the surgeons who might save her life
But who also could have become
The midwives of her death

I did not like Baltimore
In those days
In fact I may have hated her

But today
As I look down on her harbor
Full near to burst
With cruise ships and commercial vessels
Pleasure boats and water taxis

And the pirate ship
Containing many flags
And many children
On their pirate trip

As I oversee her streets
Bubbling up with music
And with joggers

Brimming with strollers
And scooters and bikes
And all kinds of people
Walking together
Walking apart

I can’t help but think
You’re a fine lady, Baltimore
Today you’re filled with joy and light

And me, I am a privileged fellow
To feel welcomed
Into your midst

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