Blood Trilogy

The Blood of the Wolf (624 DE)

We are the Wolf, and we
Are fashioned to be free

We never shall submit
To Lions’ “lordly” rule

By pure tradition’s breath
We are the folk who roam

The Lions say this land
Belongs to them alone

They drive us from our camps
Our warriors’ blood they spill

They hunt our game for sport
They dam our rivers’ course

They take our boys as slaves
They take our girls for worse

No pain nor chains nor death
Will cease our sacred fight!

The Blood of the Lion (628 DE)

The House of Lion’s sole desire
Is our own freedom to survive
And flourish! Our small landed household
Merely seeks to feed our folk!

And yet the Empire’s evil boot
Descends relentlessly to crush
Our heads beneath its iron heel
These Dragons care not for our lives

They tax our grain, our oil, our wine
Until what’s left is not enough
To keep our family and hirelings
From the threshold of starvation

Our young men they press to service
Fighting wars in far-flung countries
Our young women they demand
As tribute for their royal harems

No oppression e’er will stop us
Striving for our noble pride!

The Blood of the Dragon (635 DE)

We are the Dragon; we are born to rule
We bear this burden with humility
Our yoke is not unduly harsh nor cruel
The Empire’s nothing save its folk…you see?

So hear us when we say our heart is torn
By these attacks that seek to bring us down
What animals would steal a babe just born
And float it home upon the river, drowned?

Or worse, kidnap a child, which is returned
Enchanted with some vile, unholy spell
That waits for nearby kin, their joy well-earned
Then levels miles around with fire from hell?

It matters not what wilds we need lay waste
The terror of these Wolves will be erased

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