Curiosity Killed Moriarty

And did I tell you curiosity
Killed poor Moriarty?
Did you wonder who he was?
Or did you think of how he died?
Did you suppose he was a kitten
Or assume he was a nemesis?
Or say, did it occur to you
That maybe (only maybe)
Moriarty could be both at once
If he sincerely tried?

Well let me tell you how inquisitive
Little Moriarty
Met his melancholy ending
In a melancholy place
And how his death defeated someone
Who considered him her nemesis
Despite the fact that he was just
A tiny little kitty
With a tiny little scrunched-up little
Kitty catty face

Young Shirley Homer never thought when she
Took home Moriarty
That this tiny tabby cat
Could hold a nemesis inside
But well, it didn’t take him long
To demonstrate he was her nemesis
A nemesis who never stopped
Destroying all her knitting
‘Til she knew she must completely give up
Knitting (and she cried)

So Shirley wiped her eyes and said, the game’s
Afoot now, Moriarty!
I’m not going to be beaten
By a tiny tabby cat
And so she tried 100 hobbies
And each one she tried, he decimated
Painstakingly decimated
It was quite depressing
I won’t lie – poor Shirley got a tad
Despondent about that

And then the day came when the final straw
Fell on Moriarty
Shirley’d given up on crafts
But she loved cooking still, at least
She had a massive pot of gumbo
Boiling bubbling on the stove top
Moriarty poked his head in
Then of course completely fell in
Shirley never did another hobby
And the little beast…

Well the Napoleon of muddles
Fiendish cat called Moriarty
Curiosity had killed him so
He had just eight more lives 😸

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