In the middle of the eighth day
Of her quest
The princess
For the first time
Encountered something that gave her pause

She’d breezed right past the three-eyed ogres
(Realizing that their heightened depth perception
Was a weakness in fact
If you just knew how to exploit it)

And the baby leviathan was easily diverted
By the offering of an eight-foot length
Of strawberry licorice
And a handful of Girl Scout cookies

Needless to say the piranha pixies
Were no challenge at all

But on the eighth day
The princess was faced
By her nemesis
(Or a vision of her nemesis, at least)

It was herself
Of course it was
Who else could it be?

In the vision, she was just a young girl
Sitting in her living room
The life of a regular child
Who was just
Who was only

The princess paused
And thought about it
For almost an hour
Before concluding
(Of course)
That that was ridiculous
And she’d better get moving
This quest wasn’t gonna complete itself

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