half, or, confessions of an unrepentant polyanna

or, confessions of an unrepentant pollyanna

ask anyone who knows me well
i’m pretty sure they’ll tell you this:
oh him? oh yeah – he’s “glass half full”
he hasn’t got the sense to see
the speeding train until it’s right
on top of him

and then he’ll likely try to jump
out of its way – the problem is
he’s mr. social butterfly
who else is right there on the tracks?
who’s facing down impending doom
beside him?

i guess the hitch with “glass half full”
is “glass half empty” means it just
comes up above your shoulders so
you might crawl out and live to try
again whereas “half full” is deep
for drowning

well i suppose that makes some sense
and people sometimes tell me stuff
that sounds like that computes for them
but me…i just can’t seem to shake
the confidence that life is simply

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