Hot Topic (Post-Apocalyptic!)

There’s no need to copy
Nor to try to top
The latest photoplay
Or to explore
The psychosocial pathos better
Than that graphic novel
(Oh so popular!)
They published last October

Rest assured that
Your escapist hoopla
Will seem chic and new
There must be
Forty thousand ways
For humankind
To pass away
And turn to ash

Did cityscapes get emptied
Due to natural catastrophe?
A comet plummets to our soil
Or puppies all turn hostile?
Did some humans write our epitaph
By spawning psycho zombies
With a taste for cops and socialites?
(Oh cool! I hope the blonde survives.)

Whatever caused our “Taps” to play
This is a hip diversion while
The polls assure us that our planet
Isn’t getting hotter…

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