It Is Well

It is well
(It is well)
With my soul
(With my soul)
It is well
It is well with my soul

But if this is true
It is true only because
I have paid attention

It is true because I have noticed
That my soul
Is yoked to your soul

And that this yoke
Is not a burden

It is not an evil
For you and me
To be bound together

Though we are different
Though our souls are foreign
And unknown to one another

It is not strange
And it is not a thing
To fear

It is the most natural thing
In the universe

Because you and I
We are the universe

We are shaped from the same clay
We are made in God’s image
And we are good
And we are one

And it is well
(It is well)
With my soul
(With my soul)
When it is well
With your soul too

Because my soul
And your soul
Are one
Not the same
But one

And I promise you
My sister
I pledge to you
My brother
That I will act justly
With you
That I will be kind
To you

Because you and I
We are salt
Of the same earth
We are light
In the same sky
We are one
We are indivisible
And I will not give up on you

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