come one come all
step right up
have yourself a comfy seat
be quiet
(this is gonna be good)
listen to me
the rich white able-bodied cis dude
who passes for straight
listen to me talk
about justice

are you listening?
you are?

then can you teach me how to do that?
or can you show me who to listen to?
or even tell me what that word means…

like a fish attempting to analyze water
or philosophers elucidating metaphysics
i’ve been swimming in it all my life
so what do i know about justice?

i don’t know
but i hope

for people who have “justice” as their honorific
to affirm that love is not reserved only for some

for the story of one wealthy celebrity
to somehow translate into empathy
for the many far-less-privileged trans folks
fighting for their lives every day

for authorities and regular people
to find a way to break free
from our racist, brutal status quo
into something that will feel much more like

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