i turned around and realized
the thought i’d had was gone

i looked inside my heart to find out
if i really missed it
and in the process even lost
the memory of the thought
but my heart recalled a craving
so we started on the hunt

i put my fingers on the keys
and off they cantered, aimlessly
i said to them “we’re here to work
and you just want to mess around!”
but they ignored me, tapping onward
snicker-smirking at my frown

i looked down at my hands, just riding
passengers of finger-fancy
“aren’t you lazy clods supposed to
be enforcers, take control?”
but of course the mitts ignored me
pushed a shrug up to my shoulders
and leaned back to revel in the ride
…i sighed and went along

when at last my wayward fingers
headed back into the stable
well, we hadn’t found the thought
but we’d picked up some lovely burrs

my silly heart (whose fault this was)
admitted it was satisfied
so in the end we got where we were going
i suppose

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