The little smoke-gray cat uncurled
Luxuriously, gradually
Arising from her napping-spot
No longer bathed in sunny warmth
She yawned and blinked her eyes

The high-strung puggle’s ears pricked up
His beagle-lertness heard a sound
Which normally would beg response
In kind: staccato storm of barks
But something stayed his throat this time

The kitty, stretching, looked around
And saw her world, arranged aright
She started walking slowly
From the kitchen t’ward the living room

The doggy, having chosen
To keep silent (based on grounds unknown)
Jumped off the sofa and proceeded
Kitchenward, deliberately

Quite suddenly, the cat received
A psychic feline summons:
To the living room at once!

The puggle, sensing quickening
Accelerated his advance
His short legs moving needfully

The cat hit top speed just in time
To spot the rushing dog’s approach

The puggle’s breakneck dash was not
Arrested by the cat’s advance

Inevitably, crash ensued!

I heard a muffled “blumpf”

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