what we harbor

boats and doubts, mainly
so i got to thinking
back there somewhere
in the annals of language
someone must have thought
“these things are related”

doubts, like boats
keep us afloat
they prevent us from sinking
into the deep waters
of certainty

where it isn’t necessary
to breathe
because all of the air
was taken in
and processed
long ago
and then exhaled
in precisely
the correct way

doubts take us places
we don’t always harbor them
we take the wheel of our doubts
and we sail them someplace new
new to us
maybe new to everyone

if we’re brave
perhaps we’ll drop anchor
and go ashore
and explore
and make further

when we turn our doubts around
and captain them home
and share our newfound treasures
with the home port folk
sometimes they throw
a welcome party

but not usually

that’s ok though
because it’s only when
we get back to port
that we can harbor our doubts
like we’re supposed to

i guess
because linguistics

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