What’s Next? Insignificant Devils?

She said:
I want you to eliminate the unimportant details, see?
Distill it down and find the true and naked essence of the thing
The aqua vitae springing from Grandmother Maple’s deepest root
The kernel at the heart of the most grand and golden stalk of wheat

I said:
The unimportant details??

I’ll swear on stacks of truthful lies that I’m not trying to be dim
But how in ample earth am I supposed to tell what’s “unimportant”?
I don’t think I’m old enough (well maybe old, but sure not wise)
To just decide “you’re in! you’re out!” when verbalizing this, my story

The unimportant details.

I tell you what: I’ll trust you to discern the needles and the hay
I mean: they both can poke you, but the one makes much the better bed
(Er, wait…I guess I lost my metaphor. Which one’s disposable?)
I think that proves my point somehow, but I’ll be over here in search of
Unimportant details

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