Year of the Monkey

OK monkey
Let’s get one thing clear
I’m not running from you
I’m not
What I’m doing is the opposite of running

I’m sitting
Just sitting here
Right here

And I’m not even yelling
I’m not even asking you to go
I mean, you can go
You can come, and you can go
But I understand
You’ll be here all year
And that’s cool

I’m cool
Just sitting here
Right here

Later on
I have an idea
That I’ll have to surrender
(That I’ll choose to surrender)
The luxury
Of parking my tail here
And watching you romp around
Chit-chatting in my ear
And flinging the odd poo catward
Just for the fun of the ensuing yowl

Yeah, later on
I foresee myself
(Like it or no)
Rolling up my sleeves
And engaging you in your monkeyshines
With vigor
One simian to another
Mono a mono

But for now
I’m just sitting here
Right here

You be about your business, little monkey
I’ll be about mine
Each of us finding our own way to sunshine
And that’s

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