So Dad
Yeah, it’s true
You’re on my comic book shelf

You’ve always
Been on a book shelf
Since I’ve had you
But now
You’re nestled among the funnybooks
Like an ultimate edition hardcover collection

But listen
I think you’ll get it
The truth is
There’s no higher place of honor
In my home

You got moved there
Because a dear dear friend
Made me a handsome box
For my Terry Moore collection

Terry taught me
A fascination with people
And the complicated relationships
That bind them
To each other

On the shelf above you
Is Neil Gaiman
Neil, who taught me to love dream
And story
And myth

Beside you
Is Joss Whedon
Who taught me that
There’s nothing we can’t face
If we’re together
(Except for bunnies)

Beneath you
Is Brian K. Vaughan
Who even now is teaching me
That true love
Family love
Can overcome a universe arrayed against it

The thing is Dad
I believe
You belong among these stories
Because you taught me
All these things
(Heck even about the bunnies)

But sons can be poor learners
And somehow I needed
These other guys
And their stories
To help me along

So I like it
That you’re there
In the midst
Of some of my best teachers
As the best of them all
To me it seems just right

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