I’m a vegetarian
No wait I’m a pescaterian
I’m not sure that’s a real
Word but it’s a word that means
Someone like me who eats
Vegetables and seafood too
No wait
I’m not really that either
‘Cause I cheat
Well not quite all the time
But pretty much all the time
But still I try
(Well I often try)
So when I watch House of Cards
And that snake Frank Underwood
Goes to his favorite rib joint again
It always always always
Makes me want some ribs
And this morning
I was watching it
On the arc trainer machine at the gym
And there he went
To that damn rib place
And good Lord those ribs looked good
But this time
This time the joke
Was on you Frank
See, I’ve been cheating
And I had ribs last night
So your lying scheming
Barbecue eating ways
Did not ensnare me for once
For I was already satisfied
Take that, Frank Underwood

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